Matthew Peters | Executive Director
Freeport Housing Trust

Matt strives to make communities stronger for ourselves and future generations.  He focuses on creating buildings that use little energy, are built with non-harmful material, and in locations that support car free lifestyles.  He is the President of Elysian Enterprises, a real estate development and consulting firm based in Portland, and Executive Director of Freeport Housing Trust, a non-profit providing affordable homes in Freeport, Maine.

Sonia Barrantes

Sonia Barrantes is a former Naval Officer who started her own Mechanical Engineering firm here in her home state of Maine after 12 years in the Navy.  Her firm specializes in high-efficiency mechanical design and operates out of the Passive House that she built with her partner, Jake Staub.

Ian Johnson | Senior Director
Linnean Solutions

Ian is a Certified Passive House Consultant and is deeply passionate about environmental protection, regenerative design and social equity. For over 10 years, he has built a deep knowledge of sustainable design and energy efficiency through work on hundreds of projects. Regenerative thinking goes beyond his work and carries into his home life, through his suburban permaculture garden and sustainable restoration of his 100 year old home.

Audra Wrigley| Project Manager CPHC
Bild Architecture

Audra Wrigley is an architectural Project Manager with Bild Architecture in Portland, Maine. She became PHIUS certified in 2012, and has since spent her career advancing her understanding and skills in the field of building science, energy modeling, and mechanical system design. She has worked on a number of high performance residential and commercial buildings over the past decade.

Rosalea Kimball

Rosalea Kimball is an architectural designer. She became fascinated with the idea of "shelter" as a long distance hiker and Maine Guide. She believes energy efficiency and building performance are closely linked with social justice and the overall health of the planet. She resides in a repurposed church in central Maine.

Audrey Rolio


Audrey is an Architectural Designer for Knickerbocker Group in Portland, Maine.  She completed the PHIUS training in 2011, was certified in 2012 and trained as a Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute.  She worked with Ecocor High Performance Buildings in Searsmont, Maine for 4 1/2 years while completing a low energy home in the midcoast area before relocating to Southern Maine.

Hans Breaux


Hans wears many hats and has been a lifelong advocate for creating a more healthy and responsible human built environment. To that end, he works as a project manager, designer, and certified passive house consultant at BRIBURN in Portland. As an activist he focuses on environmental, social justice, community resiliency, and non-motorized transportation issues. He may also beat you at chess.